I was out of town for a week and I just played catch up! make sure and click on "older posts" at the bottom of the page to see all the posts from my week away!


once again I have been out of town and life has caught up with me! I will hopefully be able to play catch up in the next few days, until then bare with me and keep checking out my photography blog, private blog for those of you that are invited and of course lovely little snippets!



if you guys are ever in Vegas go to Serendipity at Ceasers Palace. 
great night last night full of dancing, ice cream, massages and walking around the strip! 
thanks guys!


Girls day out this afternoon,
Can't wait for our night out in Vegas!
I looooove having my friends here.
They're the BEST. EVER.




scarlett ruth 4 months

"The happiest people don't 
have the best of everything
They just make the best of everything"





I took this picture back in 07'
but it just goes to show how amazing and blessed the little town on Hurricane is.
I told you guys before that Hurricane is just its own little spiritual valley that has a different sunshine
than everywhere else. Its just such a feel-good kind of place.
here's my proof.

*also today I went to Target and had 20.00$ worth of coupons. cha-ching!
that show extreme couponing is inspiring.


Easter weekend was great, and now, once again back to real life. 
ugh, why are Monday's so hard? 


oh sweet joy this sentence gives I know that my redeemer lives
 Happy Easter everyone! with love,Andy. Sammi & Scarlett


on Saturday we went to hurricane and had an Easter lunch with Andy's family. 
Went went out south of town had some dutch oven, rode 4wheelers and did a little shooting. 
well, I didn't do any shooting, Andy did though. He got 3rd place in the contest!
Scarlett and her cousin had soooooo much fun playing in the red dirt!
They were entertained for so long, and were SO dirty by the time we left!



I snapped the picture on the right today of miss scarlett and immediatly thought of the photo on the left.
editing it I couldn't help but think how perfect this little girl has always been, since day one everything about her has been perfect and she couldn't ever be anything but perfect, not matter what she does in her life she will always be perfect to me. She will always be my little girl.

Having a daughter means loving
more than you knew you could love.
It means giving
more thank you knew you could give.
It means receiving
so much more in return...
Having a daughter means knowing
that whatever else
you did or didn't do,
You gave the world
something beautiful.


We went to the park today, I found this awesome park by my house- with a splash pad even! It was soooo windy though, kinda made it hard to enjoy the afternoon. but we made the best of it and miss Scarlett swang? not a word, okay she swung? on the swings until her little heart was content, then she swung some more. then the slides. then some more swings. and of course had to explore every inch of the park.



did you guys know I had a toddler?
cause I didnt...until now.
atleast she picked a color to match her shirt, such a girly thing to do.

I love her.

and I wasn't even mad,
thanks to mr. clean magic erasers.


You scream, we scream we all scream for...

one of the best food that came from Utah
after fry sauce that is.

(Fry Sauce- a delicous mixture of ketchup & mayo)
(sometimes mustard, if you're into that sorta thing)
so simple.
so delicious. 


This was one of the little weekend projects I had going on last weekend. 
I just moved it back in the house today
I think it looks so much better! 
This desk was my grandmas and it was just sitting in her storage unit
we bought went and bought a desk top computer and realized
 we didn't have a desk!
This desk came to the rescue! 
Its not the most ideal computer desk in the world, but it works for now
and I think it look so much better! 
all it needed was a little TLC




I love my husband. 
I think he looks hot in his my chick shades. 
this is another classic picture of Andy
along with all of these...


just to name a few in all of our years together.